What is NimblTRAK? What have you been missing out on...

Getting your eCommerce store order delivered to your shoppers is a big part of running a successful store. To be honest a lot of eCommerce store owners does not focus on this part of their business. This can lead to a loss of repeat customers because no matter how great your products are or how great the price is, keeping your customers happy is key to being a eCommerce hero. Unfortunately your shoppers don't blame the courier if the shipment takes long. From the day that you shoppers completes their order, the clock is ticking. Until that order is in their hands, everything and every feeling they have is connected to your store. The biggest problem for eCommerce store owners is that it takes time. To manage the courier is, well to call it bluntly, crap. You struggle to get hold of them. They make promises they don't keep. And you tell your customers one story, and the courier might tell a different story. We have all been there. Now, if you have an eCommerce store with BeNimble, your problems got a lot easier. Welcome to NimblTRAK, exclusively for BeNimble eCommerce Store owners.

What is NimblTRAK?

NimblTrak is a Progressive eCommerce Tracking Service. Wow that its a lot of big techy words. Let's break it down in layman's terms. NimblTRAK allows you to interact with you courier in a new way. It lets you add live courier rates to your website. If helps you dispatch your sales orders to your shoppers to the courier straight from your BeNimble portal with all the correct delivery details already captured. It also allows you to keep an close eye on the orders as they are on their way to your shoppers. There, nice and easy. But the truth goes much deeper. Let's see why NimblTRAK will change the way you run your eCommerce store with BeNimble from now on.

1. Which couriers are part of NimblTRAK

We chose the leaders in eCommerce delivery services in South Africa to integrate with. We will keep on expanding these as our clients requires. Currently included: eParcel eCommerce Courier PUDO uAfrica Skynet Express

2. Live Courier rates on your website

NimblTRAK gives you to option to show live courier rates on your BeNimble eCommerce store from any of our courier partners. With the BeNimble technology you can subsidise this rate both up and down should you choose. When a shopper checkouts on your website, they will get all the available delivery options of your preferred courier shown to them with the prices and what service they can expect. The beauty of this is that they choose what service they want for the available services offered by the preferred courier be it Economy, Express, Same Day etc. This is all managed on an post code and city basis combined with the courier weight of the products in that order, which means the quotes you get will be accurate to the details captured. This stops any under charges for order delivery which will ensure that it does not eat into your bottom line. Furthermore this sets your shoppers expectation which you can manage on dispatch. You will see which option they chose, and how much it costed them. This is a great start to the shoppers experience on your store. Although not revolutionary in that sense, what NimblTRAK offers you is the ease to set this up. All the work from the eCommerce website is done. You just decide on which courier you want to use, and if you would like to subsidise the cost to the client. And that is it. Easy and Simple. Of course there is the added benefit that if you want to change to a new courier, well that takes seconds. Just change your preferred courier on your BeNimble Portal. Click save and you are done! This allows you the freedom to move between preferred couriers without setting up anything. And it is all managed in one central portal. With Nimbl.

3. Courier Aggregator when dispatching your BeNimble Store Order

Now that you have your order from your shopper, and you are done with the Pick&Pack of the shipment and need to dispatch it, NimblTRAK will help you be a eCommerce Hero. When dispatching with NimblTRAK we will show you the quotes for all the courier you have activated in your Portal. This means you have multiple options available for you to choose from. Why is this important? First off this allows you to manage the shipping cost of your order. Your preferred courier rates on your website might have charged R100 for the shipment, but another courier could be offering a better price on that same service, lets say R80. This means you can grow your profits and ensure your shoppers have an amazing experience! Secondly this also allows you to ensure your shoppers receive the order in the time frame that they wanted. And we all know, a happy shopper is a return shopper. That means increased sales, and who doesn't like that! The more courier services you activate, the more options you have. And look we don't like to brag but this is all part of the NimblTRAK service, and unlike some of the other options out there, it doesn't cost you a cent extra to have.

4. Dispatching your order with NimblTRAK

Now you have your courier which you have chosen, but need to create the order with the courier. In a previous time this meant logging into that courier web portal, or even worse, emailing them! And create the courier order. This process of jumping between websites or email has two effects, neither which is good. Data capturing: Now you, or someone from your staff, have to make sure that the details is captured correctly by copying and pasting it into this other system. And if you did not know it yet, this is where tasks which is repetitive brings about issues. And trust us, your shopper does not care about this. If the shipment is delayed because someone typed in something wrong, that is not a problem they care about. Or if your courier tells you the price is more expensive because someone chose the wrong service, again your problem not theirs. We say be gone problems! No need for that. We have all the data as captured by your shopper, and all your warehouse dispatch data, and we pre fill these for you making sure that there is no mistakes. Problem solved the BeNimble way. Ensuring Collection: Ok great so you have created the courier order on their portal, or did email them. Now it needs to be collected. And you sit and wait on the day of collection and no one comes to pick it up, because the driver did not know about it. Well all the couriers we have on the NimblTRAK has special integrations which allows us to book the collection directly with their systems, which notifies their drivers. Even more we have a reference for this which you can use to query collections with your chosen courier. This eliminates delays in getting an order delivered to the shopper, and just generally makes your life easier. And don't we all need that! No more delays or excuses, just great service is what you shoppers will see.

5. Keeping an eye out on your shipments

Tracking is not a new thing. We all know about it. The problem is that just looking at a shipment is not enough, it is knowing when your shoppers might get frustrated because it is taking to long. Here NimlbTRAK solved yet another problem for you. We keep an eye on your shipment and you keep an eye on your business. With intelligent algorithms we decide based on the time travelled and the status of the shipment if there might be a problem with the shipment. And we let you know. This allows you to act on shipments where there might be an issue and resolve it pro actively before the shopper has to notify you. This help you to be an eCommerce Hero! And it's easy, just check in every now and then on your shipments page in the BeNimble portal and get an overview of what needs to be done! We also log all the details of your courier order. This allows you to contact the courier handling the shipment and sorting out any issues. You have the correct references required for them to know which shipment you are referring to and it cuts down time spent going back and forth. With the power of NimblTRAK helping you, you can provide a service to your shopper unmatched in South Africa. Once again enabling return shoppers and the reviews of your store will be glowing.

6. Helping you streamline the dispatch process

Now your shop is growing and you have multiple collection every day with different couriers. What an administrative nightmare! Not anymore. NimblTRAK solves the problem again. With a daily dispatch list showing you which shipments are booked for collection that day, with the ability to print a dispatch sheet for each of the couriers this process becomes simple. No more missed collections or parcels that are not collected when they should have been. We go further with allowing you to print waybills for all the shipments for all the couriers straight from the BeNimble Portal. Taking the load of you and streamlining the process. For PUDO shipments we show you the PUDO box and location where they must be dropped, and even the Drop Box code and pin for that delivery. Just another way to make you BeNimble.

7. Reporting and stats

Without a birds eye view of your orders, you can not make informed decisions. Don't worry we have you covered there. We work on 3 timelines. Pick&Pack average time (i.e lead time): What is the average time it takes you from when you receive a new order, until it is dispatched Average delivery time: How long on average does it take for your couriers to deliver a parcel after it has left your warehouse Complete Order Time: In total how long a customer waited for an order after placing it. These 3 times lines help you see bottlenecks on your processes and eliminate or streamline them. You might need more staff for Pick&Pack because it takes too long. Our stats help you identify this and keep an eye out for issues. Going further we also show you a birds eye view of what courier costs are for you. How much it costs you per order or per kilogram and what your average daily orders are. Again data to help you manage and grow you store and become that hero you deserve to be.

8. Keeping your shoppers informed

The last part of NimblTRAK is where we keep your shoppers up to date. When you dispatch the order to the courier, your shopper gets an email to notify them of this. The email will link to your website where the status and tracking of that shipment is shown to them in a byte sized manner which they can understand. We keep these tracking details on your website, further enhancing your band with your shoppers. This makes them feel excited for the prospect of their order being close to in their hands. And with the NimblTRAK managing services you can keep that promise to them. Happy shopper anyone? All in all - the tools to help you be a hero That is the aim of NimblTRAK. It helps you stay focussed and grow your store. A happy shopper is a return shopper and a lot effort should go into making sure your shoppers are happy. We focus our processes and software on helping you get rid of the mundane tasks in managing this, and you only focus on what needs to be done. NimblTRAK has changed the way eCommerce order processes work. All that is left is for you to embrace your new found freedom, and grow that store of yours into what it was meant to be. NimblTRAK will keep on evolving and we will add services as we see a space where we can improve your service to your clients so keep an eye out for updates. As always, be Nimbl