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price of starting online store in south africa

How to make your own online store for free in South Africa?

You may think that you need to be a nerd and full time coder to create your own online store, but all you need is a few minutes! Best of all, you can sign up for a free trial to see if you like our service before commiting. There are no strings attached and you don’t even have to fill in your credit card details to get going.

If that sounds too good to be true, well it isn't! Get started with BENIMBLE eCommerce Platfrom in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up quickly

Head to our ecommerce platfrom site and click on “Start 14 day free trial”. This will take you to a registration page, where you’ll set up your login details and pick a name for your store. Don’t stress too much about what you call it though – you can always change your mind later on.

Step 2: Choose your URL

This is the unique address where your shop will live online. Ideally, it should be your brand’s name. If you already have a website and domain, then we can help you link your online store to your site for a smooth shopping experience.

Don’t stress if you don’t have a website – you can still have a unique name for your store that ends in myeshop.site. For example, if your shop’s name is Cool Cats, your store would be coolcats.myeshop.site.

If you’re at all unsure about which option is best for you, we’re here to help! Get in touch and we’ll walk you through the pros and cons for your business, helping you figure out the best solution for your online store.

Step 3: Load your products

Now that you’ve got the store front, you can start adding your products to sell. Our platform is designed to make this as easy as possible with all the requirements you need and want.

With step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to add descriptions and pictures showing off the best angles to tempt people into buying your products. We have so many help files to help you through the setup process, oh yes and a dedicated support team to answer any questions you have.

Step 4: Look at you!

You are different. So set yourself apart! Designing a shop that matches your brand is key. BENIMBLE offers a lot of options for you to create a store that fits your look. With our designer templates and multiple color variations, you are in control.

As a bonus, our templates sets are optimised for all device types, which means your shop will look great on mobile phones, tablets and computers without you having to do a thing.

You only focus on getting beautiful images for your products and setting them up, we will handle the rest.

Step 5: Go forth into the world

Your store is complete and you can start selling online! But we have so much more to offer your shoppers.

Add extensions to fit your needs all free from our portal. Our templates not tickling your fancy? Need a different design? We can do it just contact us and we will assist you.

Add South Africa's leading payment providers (YOCO, Snapscan, Payfast, Paystack and PayJustNow) to your store with the click of a button to offer even more ways to your shoppers to pay you.

Hook up with the leading delivery partners in South Afruca(PUDO,eParcel,The Courier Guy and Skynet) to easily calculate costs and siaptch your orders straight from your portal

And when you are read and happy, select a pacakage to get your store published to the world.
BENIMBLE eCommerce platform leader in south africa

Want to know how to start your own eCommerce website?

There’s no time like the present – you can create your online store in less than 15 minutes with BENIMBLE eCommerce backing you all the way. Time to become an eCommerce Superhero!